Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
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Apple could give away AirPods for free with 2020 iPhones

Apple could give away AirPods for free with 2020 iPhones

Here's what you should know. Both iPhone 11 Pro models have XDR displays and can hit 1200 nits of brightness. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max also feature the latest triple-camera system with: wide, telephoto and ultra-wide lenses along with longer battery life compared to iPhone XR. More products based on this technology is said to be released over the course of two to three years. He didn't elaborate on what that means, however.

Rumors of Apple incorporating mini-LED display technology into its product line have have been circulating for some time now, and Kuo's recent note seems to corroborate those earlier reports.

Looking at Apple's current form factors, that suggests more internal space for other components.

Because Mini-LEDs are so much smaller than normal LEDs they are hard to manufacture and place precisely into screens, which means they are much more expensive than traditional LED displays.

We are not sure how accurate this rumor is, Apple is making quite a it of money from its $159 AirPods and also its new AirPods Pro, so we can not see why they would want to include them for free in next years iPhone 12 handsets, although you never know. According to Kuo, the upcoming iPad Pro will arrive in Q3 of 2020 and will feature an A14X processor. The TF International Securities analyst has said he also expects each LED will be below 200 microns in size. Still, Kuo has nailed some Apple predictions in the past, so don't be surprised to see iPads and MacBooks sporting Mini-LED displays at some point next year.

What's more, AirPods are now a popular product category for the company, allowing Apple to add a new revenue stream to its bow and reduce its reliance on smartphone sales.

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