Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
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Apples are expected to launch four 5G iPhone in 2020, JPMorgan said

Apples are expected to launch four 5G iPhone in 2020, JPMorgan said

The JPMorgan report predicts that Apple will unveil four different iterations of the iPhone in September 2020.

Typically talking, Apple at the moment exclusively launches new iPhone fashions yearly, with the brand new handsets touchdown in September.

Analysts at JPMorgan say that Apple is likely to release four new 5G phones towards the end of 2020. The two higher-end iPhones could offer support for the fastest 5G technology, mmWave, while the two lower-end iPhones may be limited to the sub-6GHz spectrum, which is not as speedy but has a wider range. That's one more than it debuted this year. Two will come in 6.1-inch sizes, while the other two will be 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models.

He also claims that the new iPhones will feature a "world-facing" 3D sensor, something that could bolster Apple's augmented reality abilities. The iPhone 11 sales are falling short as well and if Apple seriously intends to ship 100 million iPhone 12 handsets in the upcoming product cycle, they need to do something that's truly eye-catching.

As such, the Big Tech conglomerate is seemingly responding to consumer demands with its next iPhone release. Before that, the first four iPhone models launched in the summer. Separate news said that the AirPods are speculated to be under consideration to be included with future iPhones, which is a great thing for Apple's smartphone users. However, after performing a supply chain check, the analyst believes that the company is transitioning to a two-device per annum schedule.

Also, Chatterjee continues, this new timing could help Apple limit its vulnerability to "product cycle missteps" - meaning, if Apple gets something majorly wrong, it's got an opportunity to change up its new phone design or make other tweaks sooner instead of having to wait a whole other year for the next model release.

Having said this, a late 2020 release could well coincide with the maturation of 5G networks, and with a much larger potential audience at that point, it's debatable just how much damage - if any - a delay might cause. One, Apple wants to smooth out the seasonality in its income.

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