Published: Wed, December 04, 2019

Caitlyn Jenner shades Kanye amidst Kardashian lawsuit

Caitlyn Jenner shades Kanye amidst Kardashian lawsuit

We were really close, I raised her since she was five years old, I really don't know what her issues are.

However, Roman wasn't having any of it, replied: "She's only just 70 and that's only 10 years older than my mum and dad". The timeline. As you'll likely recall, Cait first came out publicly with an iconic Vanity Fair cover story in June 2015, but her claim that it's been "five or six years" since she and KoKo have "really" talked, would put coming out to her family around 2013 or 2014.

RadarOnline initially reported that Caitlyn was banned from talking smack about her ex-wife Kris Jenner while in the jungle, however, a publication in the United Kingdom has now revealed that she actually signed a contract agreeing to not reveal anything about the Kardashians' at all.

Caitlyn said "Everywhere", before detailing how much it would cost her. Jenner revealed "I bet you Kylie will spend anywhere between [$300,000] and $400,000 a month". TMZ reports that Kardashian was also there to support Jenner when she accepted her ESPY award, and the family has gathered to celebrate birthdays and the holidays. Get Me Out of Here! and recently revealed in a vulnerable moment that she has not spoken with her former stepdaughter in "five or six years". It was a struggle for all of us... not because she was transitioning.

Caitlyn then went on to say she thinks it's "sad" that the Kardashian-Jenners must rely on 24/7 security, but they've gotten accustomed to it.

But talking about Khloe wasn't the only mistake Caitlyn made.

Caitlyn Jenner reveals how much Kylie Jenner spends on security in a month.

"Do you guys have to have security everywhere you go?" asked her costar, actor Cliff Parisi.

Off-stage narrator and fellow jungle cast mate, Kate Garraway said that Caitlyn would enter singing her favourite Kanye West song...until Caitlyn piped up with a confession.

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