Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
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Google adds new private messaging feature in Google Photos

Google adds new private messaging feature in Google Photos

But with now a billion some Google Photos users out there, it's likely that more of the people you want to share will have an account, rather than not. When you select a photo and tap "Share", you'll see a new feature "Send in Google Photos". The new tool is part of the company's so-called Data Transfer Project that was originally announced a year ago as a collaboration between Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter to enable users easily transfer their data between various online services.

Keep in mind, though, that this feature is available to users with a Google account only, as they will need to be signed in to send or receive messages on the Photos app.

The company has a history of creating and later abandoning messaging services, but this one might be useful enough to stick around. Then choose the contact to share the content with and you're done. The addition will allow users to quickly and easily share those one-off photos or videos with another person, instead of taking additional steps to build a shared album. It is limiting to some extent, sure.

You also have the option to select multiple recipients as well, or to start a "new group" to kickstart a conversation. Similar to other messaging apps like Messenger, you can also like photos or add comments in the conversation.

The in-built private conversation feature is expected to be rolled out next week.

Google is rolling out this feature in Google Photos over the next week.

As for the launch, the new direct sharing feature has officially been launched today.

Users will still be able to share photos from Google Photos across other platforms such as Android, iOS, and the web.

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