Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
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Jerry Jones Has Vague Quote About Jason Garrett’s Future

Jerry Jones Has Vague Quote About Jason Garrett’s Future

For a little more context, earlier in the interview Jones called Garrett a terrific coach. The latter has been the norm over the last few weeks, with Dallas now 6-6, having dropped two straight. Do you want to list the thousands of coaches that don't have a Super Bowl or the equivalent of it and have been coaching 10 years? I've seen a lot of coaches. And, then, I approach when I look coach, coach. Who's got the exclusive skills to get the job done so that collectively you can win a Super Bowl? In fact, he added that if he were to go back to training camp and get the offer of a four-game stretch to earn a postseason berth with the Cowboys' current health and roster, he would take it.

Jones spat out platitudes about his faith in Garrett and his ability and experience, all of the things that Cowboys fans have come to expect from the man who has more belief in his 2011 hire than anyone else on the planet.

"I'm just not going to make a coaching change". It's not impossible for us to do more than just play in the playoffs, "he said". I'm glad to have him. However Jones didn't set up that these qualities might be sufficient to increase Garrett's tenure previous a contract that expires after this season.

As explained ad nauseam, it makes sense to keep Garrett while Dallas is still competitive, retaining a narrow lead over the NFC East.

Cue the hypothesis. Jones didn't specify in his feedback whether or not Garrett's National Football League function could be with the Cowboys subsequent season.

Garrett sees the writing on the wall but chooses to look the other way. Conjecture in regards to the coach's standing amplified following the proprietor's criticism of Dallas' Nov. 24 loss to the New England Patriots, in which Jones said the Cowboys were outcoached and the reason they lost was "glaring".

Jerry Jones is easily one of the most notorious and famous owners in all of sports so it's only natural that fans of his team want to know what he's thinking. Yet, they push, push and prevent the 53-year-old to compartmentalize his tenuous status with the organization.

The question isn't whether or not Garrett will be a head coach next year.

"We're only focused on having a good Thursday", he said in The Fan on 105.3, via The Athletic, evoking the tilt of Week 14 in Dallas.

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