Published: Wed, December 04, 2019

'Misleading' Deliveroo ad banned after attracting 300 complaints

'Misleading' Deliveroo ad banned after attracting 300 complaints

She called out the name of each restaurant or type of food as she handed over the meals: "Chinese, KFC, Wagamama, Greek salad, Pizza Express, Burger King, Five Guys, Doner, Buon Giorno Italiano, prawn crackers".

A Deliveroo advert, which suggested customers can get deliveries from different restaurants at once, is the most complained about ad that has been banned this year, a watchdog has said.

The advert which aired throughout September and October 2019 amassed a grand total of 300 complaints, making it the third most complained-about advert of the year so far.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ordered Deliveroo not to broadcast the ad again and "take care not to misleadingly imply multiple meals could be delivered in a single order".

"Because that was not the case, and because the ad did not state that a delivery charge would be applied to each order from a different restaurant, we concluded it was likely to mislead".

Only two other adverts have received more complaints to the ASA this year, one for the comparison website GoCompare and another for a fireworks display.

But a Deliveroo spokesman told PA: "For the record, you can't actually dive into your Deliveroo bag, however hungry you are".

"The advert is clearly fantastical in nature, including a woman diving into a Deliveroo bag".

Deliveroo, who removed the advert following the ruling, said it did not make pricing claims and only 0.0006% of those who viewed it complained.

But complainants said the advert did not specify that each restaurant would need a separate order and incur a delivery fee, with each meal then delivered separately.

While the ad showed an unrealistic depiction of a family night in, it said it considered the domestic setting and the explicit reference to "All your family favourites, now on Deliveroo" strongly implied families or other groups who meant to eat together.

Viewers complained it modified into deceptive, declaring that Deliveroo potentialities needed to affect separate orders - with separate provide charges - if they wished food from different restaurants. Therefore, according to ASA the Deliveroo ad breaches code rules and thus it shall not be broadcasted in the current form.

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