Published: Wed, December 04, 2019

Police find body of hiker who went missing in Australia's outback

A body, believed to be that of missing hiker Claire Hockridge, has been found in Central Australia.

The body was found 38km southeast of the Stuart Well roadhouse and 8.5km east of the highway.

Ms McBeath-Riley said she was "worried to death" about her two friends who had meant to go towards the Stuart Highway, about 22 kilometres from where they separated.

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.

Mr Tran was found by a pastoralist on Tuesday about 12km from the ute.

Sarah Hockridge, who had travelled from her farm at Wave Rock in Western Australia, thanked everyone involved in helping them, singling out Detective Matt Hughes who was in constant contact.

NT Police announced the discovery of the body of a woman south of Alice Springs on Wednesday.

Mr Phu had split two days earlier from the third person, Ms Claire Hockridge, who was said to be "still fine" at that point, as police continued an aerial search for the 46-year-old.

Ms Hockridge's emotional triplet sisters Sarah and Melinda told reporters it had been a "tremendously hard and agonising time".

After almost two weeks, Ms McBeath-Riley was found on Sunday after police discovered the trio's vehicle which had become bogged in the Hugh River.

Ms Hockridge was a triplet, and one of her sisters, Sarah Hockridge, said the family was grieving and exhausted "from the emotional rollercoaster that we have ridden".

Mr Tran and Ms Hockridge planned to head towards a highway, while Ms McBeath-Riley stayed in the area, thinking her dog would not survive a long walk.

Two of Ms Hockridge's companions were found alive earlier this week after extensive search efforts.

Fogarty said he found Tran at a water tank on his property where Tran had been drinking and cooling since Monday.

Search and rescue team officers focused their efforts in the Palmer Valley Station area this morning, travelling on foot and motorbikes.

Ms McBeath-Riley spoke outside hospital on Monday, saying she was "worried to death", because she thought the pair - who had a Global Positioning System and compass with them - would have earlier reached the Stuart Highway. "At night they could sleep in the auto".

The group's ordeal began on November 23 when they set out in a rented utility vehicle for an afternoon drive south of Alice Springs, to see Chambers Pillar, sandstone formations about 160km south of the town.

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