Published: Thu, December 05, 2019

Barr Disagrees With IG Horowitz on Key Finding in Russia Report

Barr Disagrees With IG Horowitz on Key Finding in Russia Report

In 2017, before he became attorney general, Barr told The New York Times that he thought the Justice Department had more reason to investigate Hillary Clinton and her family's foundation - along with a conspiracy theory involving a Uranium mining company - than it did to investigate Donald Trump.

Barr didn't specify what "communities" he was referencing, but civil rights activists were quick to condemn the speech as a clear attack on communities of color where relationships with law enforcement have always been fraught due to police brutality and racial profiling.

This recognition of service members' sacrifice and service is the "right" thing to do, Barr said, and an acknowledgment that police officers also deserve.

"If it follows how his other reports have gone, it will probably include a lot of really damaging information about what the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other parts of the Department of Justice were doing, but it probably won't come down very hard on the people who were doing it", she said.

"Barr's divisive comments are unworthy of an AG", NBC News legal analyst and University of MI professor Barbara McQuade wrote on Twitter. Blind devotion is not a requirement for receiving police service, ' McQuade tweeted. He said he remembers parades as soldiers left for then returned home from the first Gulf War in the 1990s.

AG Barr said to disagree...

"But when police officers roll out of their precinct every morning, there are no crowds along the highway cheering them on".

'In the Vietnam era, our country learned a lesson.

'The respect and gratitude owed to them was not given.

At another point in his speech on Tuesday, Barr lamented that police aren't more celebrated by the people they protect.

Attorney General William Barr participates in an awards ceremony for law enforcement officers at the Justice Department on Tuesday. During a speech in August, he criticized district attorneys in large cities that "style themselves as "social justice reformers" for undercutting police officers and the vocal minority that advances the narrative that officers are the "bad guys rather than the criminals".

He also accused local prosecutors of making law enforcement officer's jobs more hard through their increasingly progressive approaches to criminal cases.

Barr acknowledged that there are "bad apples" in law enforcement, just as there are in all human institutions.

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