Published: Thu, December 05, 2019

Dublin Named The Worst City In The World For Housing

Dublin Named The Worst City In The World For Housing

The yearly poll ranks how expats rate life in 82 cities.

Not only is housing expensive in Dublin, it is also hard to find with the majority of expats (86%) disagreeing that accommodation is easy to find in Dublin.

In terms of work life, nearly two-thirds of expats rated the local career opportunities positively.

Per the Quality of Urban Living and the Urban Work Life Indices, the four cities made the bottom 20 cities worldwide.

They rank the Nigerian city low in local transportation, political stability, and safety.

While there are a lot of great things about Montreal like bagels, unbelievable architecture and attractive natural landscapes, some expats living in the city are not too fond of the weather. Nearly three-quarters of the survey participants (73%) rate the local cost of living negatively (vs 38% globally).

"The weather is a hassle", said an expat from Brazil, while a Venezuelan expat remarked that "winter is too long and cold".

Four Canadian cities featured in the survey. The city was ranked in the top five of the best cities in the world to live and work in.

This lands the city in 27th place worldwide in the Getting Settled Index.

This is the second year Dublin has topped the survey for having the least access to affordable housing.

Montreal was ranked higher than a lot of big and popular cities around the world like New York City, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris and Melbourne.

"I love the vast spaces and lovely scenery", an Australian expat said.

Calgary also ranked as the friendliest Canadian city.

"I value how everyone is respected regardless of ethnicity", one British expat said.

"Expats seem to find it easy to get settled in most Asian cities, with the exception of Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, and Shanghai", InterNations said in a press release today. Toronto and Vancouver lag far behind at 39 and 55 respectively.

Expats has little to complain about when it comes to Local Cost of Living (2nd) and Finance & Housing Indices (2nd). "The cost of living in Taiwan is cheaper compared to Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong, for example", says an expat from India. 77 percent said they are happy with their financial situation in the city, compared to the global average of 57 percent.

As a result, Vancouver came third from the bottom in the finance and housing index, with only San Francisco and Dublin, Ireland, performing worse globally. The company of three prominent U.S. cities: San Francisco (77th), Los Angeles (76th) and New York City (74th) that the French capital enjoys in Expat City Ranking 2019 is nothing but a cold comfort.

The survey took into account over 20,000 expats' views on their host country along with the city they now reside in.

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