Published: Thu, December 05, 2019

Mena Massoud Says He Hasn't Gotten An Audition Since Starring in 'Aladdin'

Mena Massoud Says He Hasn't Gotten An Audition Since Starring in 'Aladdin'

Massoud is preparing for the release of his new Hulu show, "Reprisal", which auditioned before the Disney movie came out.

The Egyptian/Canadian actor, 28, revealed how his career has stalled in an new interview with The Daily Beast, where he reminded readers 'it's not always dandelions and roses when you're doing something like Aladdin'.

"I'm kind of exhausted of staying quiet about it", he said in a new Daily Beast interview.

The star added: '"He must have made millions". You should be getting all these offers. I have not had a single audition since Aladdin came out.

"I really feel like I'll be ignored and underestimated for a very long time as a result of I'm a younger actor", he mentioned. I realize a movie set is a workplace and not a social function, but how do you not introduce the two people who will be spending most of their time together? "I'm going to have to work at chipping away at that".

Mena Massoud hasn't had an audition since his starring role in "Aladdin". "People have these ideas in their head".

Though Aladdin has crossed an astounding $1 billion at the box office- Massoud's phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook for roles and auditions. As if I did not expect you to be here, here is Batman. Can you give me a chance? "I think they should do one just about the animals".

Massoud landed what he assumed to be his big break after beating out thousands of actors to take on the charming Disney prince alongside Will Smith's Genie. You'd think that starring in a remake of such a beloved Disney movie would open doors to numerous opportunities for the actor, but according to Massoud, he's had no luck securing auditions ever since Aladdin dropped in theaters. "I'm usually the wild card".

The Hollywood newcomer continued, "Because, you know, I got the same question about "Aladdin" and it was like, "Oh, you know, 'Aladdin's" coming out". Massoud's casting to play the titular role came about after an extensive search for talent. but that hasn't played out in his favour even with the film's success as the actor claims to be now in a struggling situation in getting an audition in Hollywood. "And maybe they'll be the wild card choice". In a room of Caucasian guys, a director might be like, OK, let's see, like, two guys who aren't.

Upon first have a look at the brand new remake of Aladdin late final 12 months, followers didn't appear too eager on the brand new model, with one fan saying it "looks like a panto".

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