Published: Fri, December 06, 2019

China suspends USA warship visit to Hong Kong, sanctions American NGOs

China suspends USA warship visit to Hong Kong, sanctions American NGOs

Also, in June, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi publicly stated that Hong Kong demonstrations were "a attractive landscape", and part of congressmen raked up the so-called "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act".

HONG KONG -Hong Kong authorities granted protesters permission to march this weekend, organizers said on December 5, giving the green light to a rally seen as a gauge of the pro-democracy movement's support following its sweeping victory in local elections.

"I signed these bills out of respect for President Xi, China, and the people of Hong Kong", Trump said in a statement. In its latest report dated mid-September, Amnesty International reported Hong Kong Police engaged in "reckless and indiscriminate tactics" and subjected those arrested to "torture and other ill-treatment in detention".

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters that USA -headquartered NGOs including Freedom House and Human Rights Watch "should be punished and pay the price" for supporting "extremist and violent criminal acts" in Hong Kong.

"The impact now is on confidence. because corporate will be anxious about the actions the U.S. government may take in the future after they review this legislation", she said.

Protesters celebrated on the streets of Hong Kong after President Trump signed the act last week. The government has already offered around HK$21 billion ($2.7 billion) in economic support, particularly to help the transport, tourism and retail industries.

Hua said sanctions will apply to NGOs that had behaved "badly" over the recent unrest in Hong Kong, citing the National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch and Freedom House.

Tang replaced Stephen Lo amid a police siege of protesters at a university that saw some of the shocking scenes of violence.

China denies interfering in Hong Kong's affairs and says it is committed to the "one country, two systems" formula enshrined at the handover.

Lam said permissions for such port visits had been a matter for China's Foreign Ministry.

The protests were sparked by a controversial extradition bill, since withdrawn, and have swelled into broader calls for greater democratic freedoms.

Hundreds of office workers gathered in Hong Kong's business district on Monday in support of the pro-democracy movement after it scored a resounding victory in district polls last month.

A rally has been planned for Friday evening to protest the use of tear gas by police.

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