Published: Sat, December 07, 2019

Greta Thunberg joins thousands of campaigners for Madrid climate march

Greta Thunberg joins thousands of campaigners for Madrid climate march

SCAC has been the driving force behind a week-long Social Summit for Climate Action, which begins on Saturday and runs parallel to the COP25, involving hundreds of events, lectures and workshops.

The crush as people tried to get a glimpse of Thunberg led her to pull out shortly after the start of the march, saying police had advised her to leave for safety's sake, and she climbed into an electric vehicle.

"Change is coming whether you like it or not because we have no other choice", she said.

The participants demanded governments take concrete and immediate measures against global warming.

"With our legally-binding target to become a net-zero society by 2045, and the most ambitious and stringent climate legislation of any country in the world, Scotland is a world leader on climate change".

"The current world leaders are betraying us and we will not let that happen anymore", she said, according to Reuters.

An advocate for carbon-free transportation, Thunberg traveled by train overnight from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, where she arrived earlier this week after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States by catamaran.

Naomi's outspoken position on such issues as Angela Merkel's disastrous immigration policy and climate change mark her as the kind of fearless, independent-minded, intelligent teenager of whom any parent could be proud.

"Of course there is no victory, because the only thing we want to see is real action", she said.

In the presence of dozens of media cameras and curious summit participants, the protesters sang songs and exchanged chants: "What do you want?" "I do not understand why it has become like this", she was quoted as saying by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, whose reporter rode with them in an electric vehicle in Madrid.

Greta did not appear unsettled by the commotion surrounding her presence. "As soon as the media writes about me, they also have to write about the climate crisis".

Thunberg paid a surprise visit to the venue of the talks and joined a group of some 40 teens staging a sit-in there to demand real action against climate change.

"The same programs I'm getting funded for now, are the same ideas I had when I was a high school student - only no one wanted to talk to me back then and trust a young person could have effective ideas", he said.

Greta said that although the school strike movement has achieved a lot "it's nowhere near enough".

"The government must show specific actions such as abandoning coal-fired thermal power generation and expanding the use of renewable energy", said Takumi Hirasawa, 22, a third-year student at Tohoku University.

More than 3,800 organizations and corporations representing 70% of US economic output have joined the coalition, organizers claim, amounting to roughly half of the country's emissions.

The U.S. Climate Action Center is hosting Mandela Barnes, the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin; Pat Brown, the chief executive of non-meat burger company Impossible Foods; Bill Peduto, the mayor of Pittsburgh; and others.

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