Published: Tue, December 10, 2019
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Bengals say National Football League is investigating the Patriots over "incident" at Sunday’s game

Bengals say National Football League is investigating the Patriots over

The NFL has launched an investigation into the New England Patriotsover allegations a team staffer illegally recorded the Cincinnati Bengals sidelines during Sunday's game.

This would seem like a rather innocent hiccup were it not for the surrounding details.

Schefter also cited a league source saying the Patriots' advance scout "was not filming but being filmed" for a team-produced feature entitled "Do Your Job". The scout would give it to Adams, who would spend most of the week in his office with the door closed, matching the notes to the tapes filmed from the sideline.

The national sports media thought for a moment there may be a fresh Patriots scandal brewing, but it turns out that the latest NFL investigation involving the Patriots was just a big misunderstanding.

Of course, the Patriots were at home playing the Chiefs on Sunday - but the team claims they sent a video crew to FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland to shoot a behind-the-scenes segment on a team scout during the Browns vs. the Bengals game. Breer also reported this is part of a larger video series New England is filming.

The Patriots asked for and received credentials and permission from the host Browns but neglected to notify the Bengals of their plans, according to the source. It's hard to believe the Patriots, who are heavily favored to beat the Bengals on Sunday, would risk such a serious sanction by doing something similar to a team they should beat easily, but this is a situation that will undoubtedly raise eyebrows around the National Football League this week. The Patriots cleared it with the Browns, have turned the footage over to the NFL and are cooperating fully with the league'.

The truth is that the days where videotaping can actually provide a competitive advantage are over.

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