Published: Tue, December 10, 2019

Rockets hit Iraq military complex housing United States forces

Rockets hit Iraq military complex housing United States forces

The US military strongly believes Iranian-backed groups inside Iraq are responsible according to a US official with direct knowledge of the recent incidents.

His death came just days after an attack on a protest encampment in Baghdad left 20 demonstrators and four police officers dead, sparking nationwide outrage.

Asaib Ahl al-Haq is one of the most powerful groups in Iraq's Hashed al-Shaabi security force, a network of armed groups integrated into the state.

It initially backed the government over protests but switched sides, although protesters fear Hashed fighters' presence at rallies could derail their anti-regime movement.

The ministry said their comments were an "unacceptable intervention in Iraq's internal affairs".

Baghdad has close ties with both Tehran and its arch-foe Washington, which led the 2003 invasion that toppled Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein.

Four rockets landed inside the Baghdad worldwide airport Sunday night, USA military officials have told Fox News, blaming Iran and its proxy forces for the attack.

USA forces and Iraqi Army military installations are situated near the airport, which was put on alert after loud rocket sirens became audible for a period of time before blasts were reported.

The attacks against Iraqi bases where some of the 5,000 USA troops are deployed come amid widespread protests in Iraq and led to the recent resignation of the country's prime minister.

Those wounded in the assault belonged to Iraq's Counter-Terrorism Service, security sources told AFP, adding two of them were in critical condition.

No American forces were wounded in the recent salvoes.

There have been no claims of responsibility and no U.S. forces have been wounded. The world is reportedly dwelling to Iraqi navy installations in addition to the United States forces.

Iraqi officials are meanwhile also struggling with their domestic political crisis.

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