Published: Thu, December 12, 2019
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Commissioner Roger Goodell Says The NFL Has 'Moved On' From Colin Kaepernick

Commissioner Roger Goodell Says The NFL Has 'Moved On' From Colin Kaepernick

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has weighed in on the peculiar and ongoing saga of Colin Kaepernick's quest to return to the league.

During Wednesday's press conference, Goodell stated he understood Kaepernick's decision not to take part in the workout, but he added that the goal of the workout was to give Kaepernick a "credible opportunity" to get back into the league.

Goodell said he and the owners spent roughly an hour talking about CBA negotiations at this week's league meeting, but he isn't sure how far apart the owners and the players are.

Kaepernick bought in on the event, even though his team continued to haggle with the league over details such as the openness of the workout and a waiver for his participation.

The league hastily arranged a workout for Kaepernick at the Falcons' training facility on November 16. "This was, as I've said to you before, about creating an opportunity". It was a unique opportunity, incredible opportunity, and he chose not to take it.

"I don't know where we'll be".

According to ESPN, Kaepernick has still yet to receive any interest following the event.

Kaepernick's side requested to move the workout to a Tuesday when most teams bring free agents in for tryouts.

Kaepernick's representatives said he wanted the session to be open to the media and the National Football League balked, forcing him to change the location. "So we're waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them, to stop running".

The league, which hasn't arranged tryouts for other free agents, said Goodell felt it was right to give the exiled QB the chance to showcase his skills but judging by his comments on Wednesday, it appears that window of opportunity has now closed. He has nothing to hide but he does want to stop people from running from the truth.

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