Published: Fri, January 10, 2020
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DuckDuckGo, crowd out Bing in Google’s Android search options

DuckDuckGo, crowd out Bing in Google’s Android search options

In July 2018 the European Commission (EC) fined Google €4.34 billion for breaching EU antitrust rules by imposing restrictions on Android device makers and network operators "to cement its dominant position in general internet search".

How it works. Beginning on March 1, the search choice screen will be shown to users in the European Union who are setting up their Android devices for the first time.

Because the providers listed on the page are not ranked by popularity but by the amount they are willing to pay Google, Microsoft's Bing search engine only appears as an option in the U.K. In the latter country, search engines are liable to pocket more money from ads allowing Microsoft to bid higher.

Google has announced the results of an auction process to find alternative search engines for Android users.

Google has announced the results of its European Union search choice screen auction for Android. The search providers were selected using an auction method in which Google accepted bids on how much each provider was willing to pay per user that selects their search engine as the default.

Bing - the search engine developed by Google's longtime rival Microsoft - was only chosen to appear on the choice screens of UK Android phone users.

DuckDuckGo was a victor across all 31 European countries, as was

To determine the order in which the Google alternatives will be displayed on the choice screens, Google held an auction by which providers could bid for placement on the screens. The three highest bidders are then shown to users. The choice screen will only apply to 31 European countries, and there are different search engine options for each nation.

When the user selects their desired provider, the associated application will be installed and it will become the default search engine in Chrome and on the home screen search box. That was Google Search, of course.

Founded in 2008 in the US, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes user privacy, sporting the tagline "Privacy, simplified".

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is a known fan of DuckDuckGo, having tweeted in November that he uses DuckDuckGo as his "default" search engine. DuckDuckGo said in a statement that it believes a search choice screen "is an excellent way to meaningfully increase consumer choice if designed properly". "Our own research has reinforced this point and we look forward to the day when Android users in Europe will have the opportunity to easily make DuckDuckGo their default search engine while setting up their phones". However, they don't pay the amount of their proposal.

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