Published: Fri, January 10, 2020
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Foldable Samsung Galaxy Bloom leaked in secret CES meeting

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Bloom leaked in secret CES meeting

A blurry photo of the phone has also been leaked, and it shows the name Bloom with the clamshell-like foldable phone alongside it. While the lid seems to have been lifted on the pliable product's design, its specs had remained a mystery. As spotted by Sammobile, Korean newspaper Ajunews says that Samsung has told partners that its Galaxy Fold 2 will actually be called the Galaxy Bloom, while the next flagship phone, expected to be the Galaxy S11, will instead be called the Galaxy S20.

Apparently, the overall size of the Galaxy Bloom handset, which has always been rumored to sport a smaller screen than the 7.3-inch Galaxy Fold, will strongly resemble the footprint of said makeup accessory in an attempt to make an otherwise unusual and quirky gadget design feel familiar and comfortable for its main target audience.

If a new report is to be believed, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite may end up finding quite a lot of buyers in India.

If you're excited about the Galaxy Fold 2's announcement next month, there's some sad news for you.

The Galaxy Note 9 is also better in some other areas, like its IP68 water resistance and the dual aperture primary rear camera, but we don't think those are enough to justify paying almost twice as much as what the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will cost. The device is expected to follow the example set by recent Samsung flagships by exterminating pretty much all bezels around its panel.

There is a small notification display on the back of the device which will offer needed information to the user when the device is in folded state. Additionally, a dual-camera system has also been pictured on the phone's rear, suggesting Samsung could be looking to one-up the photography prowess of the Motorola Razr that only comes with a single lens on its rear. It should be the first phone to support 8K video, and the top of the screen should use ultra-thin glass, and not a plastic film like the Galaxy Fold. That could all be a thing of the past.

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