Published: Sat, January 11, 2020

House leaders square off on impeachment, Pelosi may send articles next week

House leaders square off on impeachment, Pelosi may send articles next week

"I will be consulting with you at our Tuesday House Democratic Caucus meeting on how we proceed further", Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House, said in the letter".

The whistleblower filed a complaint with the intelligence community's inspector general about Trump's July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

That seems unlikely in the wake of Pelosi's letter on Friday.

"At a time when partisanship and political differences threaten to divide us, President Trump and his administration should be commended for bringing an end to Qassem Soleimani, a terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people across the Middle East, including at least 603 American service members", Cruz said in a statement. We've know about Soleimani for years.

The stated goal of Democrats is a public airing of the trial rules before Pelosi names House managers to present the case to the Senate. "So if it's serious and urgent, send them over".

Pressure had been growing on Pelosi, including from other Democrats, to transmit the articles in the third week after impeachment.

McConnell has signed on to that measure - another move that will increase pressure on Speaker Pelosi.

"I'm going to leave it to the Senate, but I'd like to hear from the whistleblower, I'd like to hear from shifty Schiff, I'd like to hear from Hunter Biden and Joe Biden", Trump told reporters during a news conference at the White House.

'By joining a resolution to dismiss, Sen. He implicitly argued that it would be breaking Senate precedent to call witnesses - which would be true except for the niggling detail that witnesses were called in every single one of the previous 15 Senate impeachment proceedings.

Pelosi will appoint those lawmakers - who are known as "managers" - but they must be approved by the House, which is expected to happen in the Democratically controlled chamber. She has put the House majority and her own speakership, her place in history, on the line.

Schumer also praised Pelosi for with holding them over the holidays. And second in two weeks there's been a cascade of evidence that bolsters the case - strongly bolsters the case - for witnesses and documents.

"The speaker will make this decision, the speaker will make the announcement and the speaker will take the action". But she's accomplished a great deal already'. Democrats now want to call four witnesses, including former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, who the White House blocked from participating in the House investigation.

"No problem other than one thing", Trump replied.

"The longer it goes on the less urgent it becomes", said Feinstein. "There will be no difference between the president's position and our position as to how to handle this to the extent that we can".

A key factor for knowing the timeline will be whether the Senate agrees to seek testimony from witnesses - and that won't be determined until after the opening arguments phase of the trial is over.

"If the speaker had sent the articles of impeachment over to the Senate immediately after they passed, Senate Republicans could have moved to dismiss", he said Thursday.

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