Published: Mon, January 13, 2020

Oscars Shut Out Women in Best Director Category Again

Oscars Shut Out Women in Best Director Category Again

Plenty of other ceremonies and nominations have also been occurring, but the top prize in the film world is the Academy Awards.

The 2020 Oscar nominations were unveiled this morning and, of course, people are pointing out all of the Academy's disappointing decisions.

Despite having been shut out in the run-up to the Oscars, "Little Women" director Greta Gerwig was still considered a frontrunner for an Oscar nomination, especially with the movie surpassing the box office milestone of $100 million worldwide. And now the cast of Little Women have broken their silence on the subject.

The others are Lina Wertmuller (nominated for Seven Beauties in 1977), Jane Campion (The Piano, 1994), Sofia Coppola (Lost In Translation, 2004) and Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird in 2018). It's a unusual trend in how these ceremonies have gone, as Little Women is being recognized, but Gerwig is not.

Some watching the nominations host's sentiments summed up their feelings as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science snubbing women in the directing category yet again. While she was indeed nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Gerwig is didn't make the list for Best Director. The Hollywood actress Saoirse Ronan has some stiff competition to face in the Best Actress category.

The 25-year-old Saoirse Ronan made history at the Oscars 2020 by becoming the second youngest actress to get her fourth nomination.

Speaking to reporters, the President of ABC Television Entertainment in the US, Karey Burke, said: "Let me confirm it now".

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