Published: Mon, January 13, 2020

Shaggy Reveals Why He Passed On A Rihanna Collaboration

Shaggy Reveals Why He Passed On A Rihanna Collaboration

The singer has been eagerly awaited for a number of years on stage!

Shaggy made it clear that there aren't any laborious feelings in regards to the two not getting the likelihood to work collectively this time and as well as acknowledged {{that a}} star as enormous as Rihanna doing reggae is an efficient method for it to get way more publicity. The star has worked with great artists with the exception of Shaggy. We clarify to you why! Indeed, the singer intends to release a new album. So, for this project, she was able to count on the support of her lifelong team.

"R9" is supposedly Rihanna's ninth music project since entering the music scene, and during previous interviews, she disclosed what her fans can expect from it. Initially from Barbados, she acknowledged, "It's not going to be conventional or typical reggae". However you'll really feel components of it in all of the songs (...) It's in my DNA. Regardless of how prolonged I have been away from this custom or environment by means of which I grew up, it in no way leaves me. However, she was unable to collaborate with one of the emblematic figures of reggae: Shaggy. The latter is assumed for his flagship titles launched in 2000 It Wasn't Me or Angel. However, he explained the real reasons for his refusal. There's a complete lot of good people involved nonetheless for me I didn't need to audition to be on the file, I'll depart that to youthful guys. I leave that to the younger boys.

Shaggy told the store that he had been approached to be part of the project, but ultimately decided not to accept them.

Ultimately, her Fenty business took off quickly, and it left her trying to balance her time between both of her passions.

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