Published: Mon, January 13, 2020
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Siemens snubs Greta Thunberg's appeal, says will honor Adani coal mine contract

Siemens snubs Greta Thunberg's appeal, says will honor Adani coal mine contract

The German company had said it would decide by Monday on its involvement in the project. The proposed Carmichael mine, owned by India's Adani group, has always been controversial but anger over the multi-billion-euro project has been fanned by Australia's catastrophic bushfire season. But in a statement late Sunday, Kaeser said that "there is practically no legally and economically responsible way to unwind the contract without neglecting fiduciary duties".

Kaeser praised the climate activists from the Fridays for Future movement and said he offered an advisory position with Siemens' energy division to one of its leading figures, Luisa Neubauer. "While I do have a lot of empathy for environmental matters, I do need to balance different interests of different stakeholders".

"We should have been wiser about this project beforehand. Because being a company which is not a reliable source for its customers is simply not an option".

The activists want Siemens to quit the mine project because they say emissions from coal-fired power plants contribute to global warming.

Siemens said it intends to honor a controversial contract to supply signaling systems to an Australian coal mine, defying the demands of activists who said they will continue protests in Germany on Monday.

"If the protesters achieve their goals of ending coal mining by bullying companies into submission, the result would be millions more people without a home, without access to electricity and without as much hope as they otherwise could have", the Resources Minister said in the letter.

The coal from the Adani project is destined for export and would be burned in India.

Siemens made a significant commitment to help tackle climate change in 2015, being the first global industry company of its size to pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Thunberg expressed her disapproval of Siemens teaming up with Adani via social media platform Twitter, prior to Kaeser announcing his decision.

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