Published: Mon, January 20, 2020
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Sanders says his age, Warren's gender both problems amid sexism spat

Sanders says his age, Warren's gender both problems amid sexism spat

U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders tried over the weekend to mitigate a week-long dispute if Sanders told Warren at a 2018 private meeting that a woman could not beat Republican President Donald Trump in 2020.

"But I think everybody has their own sets of problems". So you have more people who have ever quarreled than in 2008. "It is a human matter and the men must stand with the women".

Since then, both Warren and Sanders' campaign has indicated that they would like to move past the disagreement. He's compiling detailed lists of the personal networks of his supporters, turning them into crowds and sifting through the hundreds of email addresses and cell numbers in hopes of landing them on caucus night February 3.

"And people will say, well he's too young to be president".

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Sunday that "the world has changed" and that American voters are now more concerned with a presidential candidate's positions than their gender or racial identity. "Fighting to protect a woman's right to choose, to fully fund Planned Parenthood, to make childcare affordable, and to guarantee paid family leave and equal pay".

Sanders' efforts underscore the important role women will play in choosing the Democratic presidential nominee in the early states and beyond. But that message can be viewed in particular in view of this week's feud with Warren.

"It breaks my heart", said Kathy Staub, 62, a Sanders backer said of the tension between the two senators.

He didn't mention Warren or the flare up-with his longtime friend, a MA senator who overlaps with him on many policy initiatives that seek to overhaul the nation's political and economic system.

That has raised deeper questions about societal misogyny that female candidates have to overcome.

Certainly, other campaigns are trying to expand the pool of voters, but it is Sanders and Buttigieg who are betting most heavily on attracting the most newcomers.

The Impeachment trial of President Trump is scheduled to begin Tuesday in the Senate.

Warren was asked to comment on Sanders' statement after a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa, on Sunday, and when a woman was a problem, he only said, "I have no further comment on this".

Sanders told voters at a later New Hampshire stop, "I think the best thing for all Democratic candidates, and what we're going to do in our campaign is, you heard me tonight, you didn't hear me say a word about any of the other candidates".

The spat bubbled to the fore during last week's presidential debate in Iowa, when a CNN microphone caught Warren telling Sanders he made her out to be a liar on national television.

Although the controversy with Warren died, however, Sanders' campaign has come down to Biden.

Jayapal told The Washington Post she will be named national health policy chair for Sanders' campaign, as well as Washington state chair. The former vice president's campaign accused Sanders staffers of lying.

"We fight for the same issues", she added.

One Sanders organizer was kicked out of a half-dozen nursing homes, which typically are used as satellite caucus locations, after showing up to talk to residents, Rebik said.

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