Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
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DBS employees vacate MBFC office after one tests positive for coronavirus

DBS employees vacate MBFC office after one tests positive for coronavirus

The DBS employee and his family were being given health support.

In a drill that may yet be played out in London and NY, a bank has closed its offices after an employee tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

About 300 employees from the 43rd floor of the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 were reportedly told to work from home soon after the bank received confirmation of the virus.

Meanwhile, amid rising fears of more cases of the virus infection among employees, DBS is now conducting detailed contact tracing with all workers along with other parties that the infected employee may have been in contact with. The common areas of the building such as lifts and toilets are being deep cleaned and disinfected.

The bank's investment in boosting its digital capabilities means there is "minimal service disruption at this point in time" as its bankers are well-equipped to work from home amid continued appetite in the market, he said, noting a deal closed just yesterday.

As of noon, the bank asked all staff on the floor where the infected person worked at its headquarters at the Marina Bay Financial Center (MBFC) to vacate the premises.

Care packs with thermometers, masks and hand sanitisers were given to the evacuated employees and the bank said a medical helpline was already in place. DBS is also preparing webinars for medical health professionals to update their employees on the latest developments on COVID-19 and answer any medical-related concerns that they might have.

In an internal memo issued by the bank, the staff were informed about the confirmed case.

The news comes a day after two cases were reported in Singapore's central business district, with one located just next door at MBFC Tower 1, where Standard Chartered is a key tenant.

Under the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition, orange is one step below red, which signifies an out-of-control pandemic.

Building management staff conduct temperature screenings of visitors and tenants of a building in the financial district of Singapore on February 10, 2020.

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