Published: Sat, February 15, 2020

Love Island star can't believe it's over

Love Island star can't believe it's over

Shaughna had admitted her feelings for Luke just days earlier after he began to pursue a romance with Demi, and after confessing it was the "hardest decision he'd ever made" in the villa, he chose to "go with his gut" and couple up with Demi.

Paige asks her "why would you not stand up and be counted?", to which Shaughna says: "Because I love Demi".

"Shaughna, she's a good-looking girl and she doesn't beat around the bush, I like the direct approach", Jamie added. "You do what you've got to do but obviously at the same time I'm still going to get to know Luke", Demi continues.

"I tend to go for chatty girls, I need someone who can hold a conversation and have a laugh and someone who I can trust".

The pair seem to part on (relatively) OK terms, with both of them agreeing on getting to know Luke M.

"Every time he walks by, Shaughna drops him comments, every time he's there, they flirt".

Demi and Shaughna, who are fairly good pals on the island, may come to blows on tonight's new episode.


"Let me just get it out..."

Jamie, who works as a recruitment consultant, answered "no" to both questions, and after Shaughna said she does like a man with a "trade" background, he revealed he might just be the ideal man for her. I love Demi so it was very awkward for me. "I could be completely barking up the wrong tree". He says "I did not expect that at all".

And with Demi deciding to maintain her choices open following a date with Jamie - the villa could possibly be in for a large shake up.

"You're dropping a bomb... have you thought this over the past few days?"

The revelation will come as a shock to many as Luke M at the moment has his eye on Demi Jones, a coupling ITV2 viewers appear to be rooting for.

Shaughna, Demi, and Casa Amor babe Natalia are the most at risk of leaving the villa as the boys get their pick of the bunch - with Luke and new boy Jamie the only single boys in the villa. "I didn't want to be in that position again to feel second best, I don't want to be in a triangle..."

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