Published: Tue, February 18, 2020

ND doctor returns home after treating people quarantined for coronavirus

ND doctor returns home after treating people quarantined for coronavirus

Some Americans who were part of the quarantine being managed by Japanese health authorities on board the ship made a decision to stay rather than take an uncomfortable flight back to the US and then endure another quarantine.

Four people who tested positive for coronavirus, but have not yet presented symptoms, were taken to health care facilities near the base, a State Department official said.

For the departing Americans, the evacuation cuts short a 14-day quarantine that began aboard the cruise ship February 5.

About 40 Americans of the approximately 380 on board the ship opted to stay behind. While hundreds of passengers on the ship have been found infected with the pneumonia-causing virus, none of the South Koreans have shown symptoms of infection, the official said at a briefing to reporters.

More than 100 Germans evacuated from the hard-hit Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of a new coronavirus outbreak, were set to end their prescribed 14-day quarantine period on Sunday.

It's unclear which base the 14 who tested positive for the virus went to.

Passengers from the ship, the Diamond Princess, will be quarantined for two weeks at an on-base hotel, a representative of the base told The Chronicle, and they will be kept away from a group of evacuees from China who are already at the base and being monitored for the COVID-19 illness. Among them was the third Japanese public health official to contract the virus while tending to passengers and crew members aboard the ship, the Diamond Princess.

In a joint statement, officials with the State Department and the Department of Health and Human Services said Monday that USA officials "received notice" that the 14 passengers had tested positive for coronavirus while evacuees were on their way to the airport in Japan.

Outside mainland China, there have been more than 500 cases in 24 countries. Separately, one US citizen died in China. According to the Japanese health ministry, at least 55 Americans on the ship were infected with the coronavirus.

Italy announced Sunday it will send a plane to Japan to bring back the 35 Italians aboard the Diamond Princess. Sixty-one USA citizens remain on the ship, the State Department said.

"If there are secondary infections on board, this is why", Smith said.

He said the American health officials who visited their room was apparently surprised that the couple had chose to stay, and wished them luck.

Other healthcare workers reported that patients are receiving "unreliable, inconsistent and potentially dangerous" advice from NHS 111, including "high-risk" patients still being told to see their GP, said the Channel 4 report. As KPIX reports, one of the two chartered flights landed at Travis Sunday night at 11:20 p.m.

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