Published: Wed, February 19, 2020

Kehlani's Lyrics for 'Valentine's Day' Song Address YG Split

Kehlani's Lyrics for 'Valentine's Day' Song Address YG Split

All's fair in love and streaming: R&B singer Kehlani lit up social media over the weekend with a livid track detailing an apparent break-up with rapper YG.

Kehlani literally fucking found out everything on his phone while hes drunk and (probably) passed out ON VALENTINES DAY. Simply days later, Kehlani dropped a brand new observe, "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" which sees her calling out an ex-boyfriend's habits.

"I am making amends with myself / Forgive me for loving you", she sings.

"Valentine's Day (Shameful)" comes amid a prolific period for Kehlani.

"I'd say your name but you don't deserve recognition/You played the hero but you really are the villain".

"Ignored all the signs / Yeah, it's true / And the immature me wishes that I could make him know / That you should be left alone".

In a now-deleted post, she wrote: "I go thru normal s-t like everyone else. just under a front of people who don't know me to care about me, people who will say the worst because they don't prioritize or even remember my humanity".

"Now I'm finding strength in the fact that you're nothing to me and I know the things I am above".

"There ain't a bone in me that wants to spare your feelings (Ah) / You called me insane, but it was my intuition". It turns out something just wasn't sitting right with Kehlani, whose curiosity got the best of her intuition hinted at her being cheated on.

"I helped you fight your dependancy and alter your complete life, merely to hunt out myself carried out finally. ain't no regrets set off I'm proud that my coronary coronary heart was so pure and I'm under no circumstances ashamed of my love".

She seems to reference this in the song, while alluding to helping him through an addiction.

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