Published: Sat, April 04, 2020
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ProMedica makes request for staff masks from sewing community

ProMedica makes request for staff masks from sewing community

In a democracy, government officials must always tell it straight - especially during a pandemic - and never hide behind a mask of misinformation.

But a sea change has been noticeable recently in some official recommendations, as it becomes clear that people infected with the virus may spread it even if they are not showing symptoms.

But with homemade masks or other face coverings, "the science here is limited", Baeten said, adding that "the data that supports everyone wearing a mask to prevent transmission isn't as strong as it could be". But it's not clear how much protection different kinds of fabric provide. As of Tuesday, Taiwan had just over 300 confirmed cases, compared to the 190,000 in the U.S. We're just telling you what we would do.

Should I wear a mask to walk the dog? .

Apparently there are several understandable, yet ultimately unacceptable, reasons.

Also, when a mask isn't properly used, it's not almost as effective as people might believe. People should not be lulled into a false sense of security in thinking that these types of masks will protect them from airborne, aerosolized virus in for example, poorly ventilated spaces frequented by others.

The resident said staff see patients that may be immunocompromised and can't follow physical distancing guidelines.

Those asymptomatic people could be infecting others. This is the key question during this Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing, staying home, contact tracing, testing and quarantine of people who are potentially infected are important steps in flattening the curve.

Now, notice I mentioned masks, not N95 masks. You may actually not need to wear masks if you are not in a high-risk environment. As reiterated many times by health professionals, governments and organisations, you need to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, practice social distancing and respiratory hygiene, avoid crowds and stay in isolation. More than 3,400 people in the United States have died due to the virus.

Earlier on Monday, in an interview with National Public Radio, CDC director Robert Redfield said the agency was taking another look at the data on mask use by the public. The evidence shows that SARS-CoV-2 is highly contagious and that some of those infected are asymptomatic or presymptomatic: They may feel perfectly healthy but can transmit the virus to others.

The Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield told a briefing in Wellington this afternoon that the experience in parts of Asia of routine face mask use by people who had common respiratory illnesses appeared to back this up. But the answer to such drawbacks is not to dismiss the value of a mask.

If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly.

In addition, the official clarified that any change to the guidelines would recommend that the general public use cloth masks to cover their faces rather than surgical and N95 masks, which U.S. hospitals and health care providers are in desperate need of due to waning supply. It will be falling in line with experts elsewhere around the world.

As far as protection for the user, surgical masks can protect the nose and mouth against splashes of bodily fluids, as a surgeon might encounter during a surgery. In Japan and South Korea, masks have been distributed to citizens.

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