Published: Sun, May 31, 2020

National Guard Deployed To L.A. Amid Protests Over George Floyd Killing

National Guard Deployed To L.A. Amid Protests Over George Floyd Killing

They have since become a national phenomenon as protesters decry years of deaths at police hands.

Despite Floyd's pleas, the police officer failed to ameliorate the situation.

Saying the rioters were possibly members of anarchist and white supremacist groups and drug gangs, often from outside the city, he said: "Our goal is to decimate that force as quickly as possible".

Peaceful protests occured in Santa Monica and Venice on Thursday and Friday.

Walz said he was mobilising the state's entire 13,000-strong National Guard to deal with rioters who have looted shops and set fires in the Minneapolis-St. Many departments reported injured officers, while social media was awash in images of police using forceful tactics, throwing protesters to the ground, using bicycles as shields and trampling one protester while on horseback.

In New York, officers used batons and shoved protesters down as they took people into custody and cleared the streets. In Louisville, a police officer fired what appeared to be pepper balls at a news crew, and a clip of the video amassed more than 8 million views on Twitter in less than six hours.

The uproar is in response to the death of Floyd, whose death amplified the exposure of racism, police brutality and injustice across the country. The officer has been charged with murder. "That's your command operation". "But you have to look deeper into why these riots are happening". The 2016 champion has voiced his displeasure with law enforcement and the unfair treatment of black people in the past.

In 1992, then-Lt. Downing would typically oversee that intersection, but he was on vacation studying for a promotional exam. But as unrest intensified, they spoke of a desperate need to protect their cities and said they would call in reinforcements, despite concerns that could lead to more heavy-handed tactics.

Sources tell the L.A. Times that National Guard will be on the streets of midnight. But he said the difficulty is trying to strike that balance.

In Bakersfield, police arrested a man they said drove recklessly through a crowd of protesters, striking a 15-year-old girl and causing minor injuries. "We share these emotions". But so is not making arrests in the face of violence and property damage.

Initially peaceful protests in Philadelphia took on a different tone later Saturday afternoon after a vehicle was set on fire and a crowd tried to gain access to a municipal building in one of many new demonstrations to emerge across the country during the day Saturday - only hours after violence rocked cities coast to coast on Friday night.

In Minneapolis, Frey said he made the decision to evacuate the third precinct that was later torched because of "imminent threats" to both officers and the public.

A number of public officials around the country have condemned the violence. "You can't let your city burn".

"You can't allow anarchy just because this disgusting injustice has occurred", said Stephen Downing, Michael Downing's father and also a retired LAPD deputy chief.

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