Published: Tue, June 30, 2020
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Maine Astronaut Chris Cassidy Loses Mirror During Space Walk

Maine Astronaut Chris Cassidy Loses Mirror During Space Walk

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy has lost his wrist mirror while floating outside the International Space Station (ISS) during the first out of four planned spacewalks to replace aging batteries in the solar power system, the United States outlet said on Saturday.

The object came from the suit, as spacewalking astronauts wear a mirror around their wrist on each sleeve to get better views while working in space, similar to side mirrors in automobiles.

The mirror came loose in darkness.

Cassidy and Bob Behnken hustled through the first of four planned spacewalks to replace the last bunch of old station batteries. They are going to go outside the station on Wednesday, 1 July.

As the spacewalk ended, Cassidy thanked the cleaning staff at Mission Control in Houston, kept especially busy during "this insane, interesting time".

There are more batteries that Benhken and Cassidy will plugin before the job is done.

The spacewalkers removed five of six aging nickel-hydrogen batteries for one of two power channels for the starboard 6 truss, installed two of three new lithium-ion batteries, and installed two of three associated adapter plates that are used to complete the power circuit to the new batteries, said NASA.

These battery replacements started in 2017, with previous astronauts placing 18 batteries made from the lithium-ion compound.

Behnken and Doug Hurley made history when they set off towards the ISS in a Space X Dragon capsule, marking the first-ever first human spaceflight through a government-private partnership. This was the seventh spacewalk for these astronauts in their careers. Each has spent more than 30 hours out in the vacuum of space. "I'm sure we'll run into him in his future line of work", Behnken said.

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