Published: Mon, August 10, 2020

Mass looting breaks out in Chicago; shots fired, 100 arrested

Mass looting breaks out in Chicago; shots fired, 100 arrested

City officials had temporarily suspended transportation services to the downtown area and raised bridges. He fled from officers on foot and shot at officers, police said.

Chicago is one of several U.S. cities that has experienced a recent surge in shootings and homicides.

People check out of the Hotel Julian near a crime scene where a shooting took place on Michigan Ave. hours after the city suffered from widespread looting and vandalism, on August 10, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.

Hours earlier, dozens of people had faced off with police after officers shot and wounded a person on Sunday in the city's Englewood neighbourhood. On Monday, Brown said the suspect shot by police was a 20-year-old man. The suspect is in hospital and expected to survive.

"This was obviously very orchestrated", the Rev. Michael Pfleger, a prominent Roman Catholic priest and activist on the city's South Side, told WBBM-TV as cameras panned the downtown area. "Tempers flared, fuelled by misinformation, as the afternoon turned into evening", Mr Brown said. Soon after, the platform was flooded with posts encouraging looting and violence against police.

In Portland, a riot was again declared by authorities Sunday night in Portland when protesters marched to a police union building, blocked a road and set dumpster fires as officers work to quell nightly unrest in Oregon's largest city.

"What occurred in our downtown and surrounding communities was abject criminal behavior, pure and simple, and there cannot be any excuse for it, period", she stated.

There was a large police presence Monday morning outside an Apple store located north of Chicago's downtown area. Brown said a heavy police presence is expected in the downtown area until further notice.

A police officer inspects a damaged Best Buy store on Monday. We have made the case, we have the video, we have the officer testimony; these people need to be held accountable and not cycle through the system.

"This was an assault on our city", she said, saying it also undermines Covid-19 recovery efforts.

"These individuals engaged in what only could be described as brazen and extensive criminal looting and destruction".

Police Superintendent David Brown called the outbreak "pure criminality", and Mayor Lori Lightfoot sought to distance the incident from the "righteous uprising" in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25.

Nine officers were injured, including a broken nose and an injuryfrom a thrown bottle, while one security guard and one civilian were shot and hospitalized in critical condition, according to police. I do not care whatever justification was given for this.

There is no justification for criminal behavior, ever. "You have no right".

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