Published: Mon, August 10, 2020

Pelosi says election threats from Russian Federation and China are not equal

Pelosi says election threats from Russian Federation and China are not equal

Chinese hackers have targeted United States election infrastructure, the White House's national security adviser warned Sunday.

Two weeks before his latest announcement, Evanina released a similar statement warning of interference by Russia, China and Iran in the November elections.

O'Brien's comments appeared to go beyond a statement released on Friday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence which said China "has been expanding its influence efforts", and that Russian Federation was already trying to undercut Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

As Evanina said, Russian actors are acting as part of what U.S. intelligence sees as a concerted effort on both Russian television and media to support President Trump's candidacy in 2020.

Iran's motivation is driven in part by a "perception that President Trump's re-election would result in a continuation of USA pressure on Iran in an effort to foment regime change, " Evanina said.

"It's a real concern", O'Brien said, saying hackers have been trying to access government websites as well as "influence operations, whether it's on TikTok or Twitter and other spaces".

In a statement, the Biden campaign said Trump "publicly and repeatedly invited, emboldened, and even tried to coerce foreign interference in American elections".

Meanwhile, China would want for President Trump to lose this year's presidential elections since it considers him unpredictable.

China has consistently denied USA government claims that it hacks US companies, politicians or government agencies.

Foreign adversaries also may try to interfere with U.S. election systems by trying to sabotage the voting process, stealing election data, or calling into question the validity of election results, he said.

Today's statement comes after one issued in July, when Evanina provided an overview of foreign threats to the USA 2020 presidential election, saying that foreign adversaries were seeking to "compromise the private communications of US political campaigns, candidates and other political targets".

Trump won both of those states in 2016 by less than 1 percentage point, but polling in recent months has consistently put Biden ahead in both.

But the assessment says Russian Federation, which worked on behalf of Trump and against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign, sees Biden as part of an anti-Russia establishment and will use social media and television to denigrate his candidacy.

Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for Trump's re-election campaign, insisted that Trump has been "tougher on Russian Federation than any administration in history".

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