Published: Mon, August 10, 2020

United Kingdom steps up plans to tackle migrant Channel crossings with new commander

United Kingdom steps up plans to tackle migrant Channel crossings with new commander

Deploying the Royal Navy to prevent people crossing the English Channel to seek asylum would be "unlawful, reckless and dangerous", according to Amnesty International UK.

"These crossings are not only unsafe and illegal, but totally unnecessary", he wrote in a column on Saturday.

Last year, Home Secretary Priti Patel promised that the crossings would have become an "infrequent phenomenon" by now.

O'Mahoney will be responsible for arresting and prosecuting the human traffickers who organize numerous crossings, and for organizing interceptions and the return of boats to France.

The government has officially asked the Royal Navy for support in stemming the migrant boats crossing the Channel, and have appointed a former Royal Marine as a "clandestine Channel threat commander".

Britain's Conservative government has talked tough amid a surge in the number of migrants crossing the Channel during recent warm weather.

Bridget Chapman, spokeswoman for the Kent Refugee Action Network, said: "The Government's handling of this issue is becoming increasingly chaotic, with elements of sabre-rattling".

However, analysis from Britain's PA news agency shows more than 4,100 people this year have successfully made the journey to England, with 151 arriving on Saturday.

"The French claim they have to patrol hundreds of miles of coastline, but most migrants leave from just five beaches", a source revealed.

"If it takes money to help the French increase their resources and their manpower then that will have to be done", he said. "The figures are shameful", Patel said in a series of messages on Twitter. "But what is unviable is her approach".

"That would close this route overnight, would save lives, and we would know exactly who was arriving and when", she said.

"The Home Secretary's response is one of manufactured outrage and lacks compassion, common sense and competence".

"It's also a risky route, there's real risk to life for those coming across, it's obviously a form of illegal immigration, it's not the right way to come to the United Kingdom".

"The number of illegal small boat crossings is appalling", she said.

Dover MP Natalie Elphicke has been calling for migrants to be returned to France irrespective of whether they are picked up in British or French waters.

"If the navy is going to push boats back, it will have to go into French water to do that, and then you can only do that with the permission of the French government". "France is a safe country, and if people are seeking asylum, they should be seeking asylum in France in the first instance".

Human rights groups have criticized the British government's harsh rhetoric and accused officials of trying to blame France for the rise in the number of boat crossings.

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