Published: Tue, September 15, 2020

Bar Refaeli given nine months' community service for tax evasion

Bar Refaeli given nine months' community service for tax evasion

Her mother and agent, Tzipi Refaeli, also had her 16-month prison sentence made official after they were accused of misleading tax authorities about Bar's earnings and whereabouts from 2009 to 2012, during which she is estimated to have raked in $7.2 million.

Bar Refaeli has been sentenced to nine months community service for tax evasion.

Refaeli entered the Tel Aviv courthouse in a beige T-shirt and wearing a light blue surgical face mask.

In accordance with a plea deal approved by the court, both were ordered to pay a $1.5 million fine in addition to countless taxes owed to the nation.

Refaeli's people group administration will be at an office in a Tel Aviv suburb supporting individuals with extreme physical and mental inabilities, starting on September 21, as indicated by the decision.

The protracted circumstance, constructed round the actress model's global income and the household efforts to downplay her ties to Israel, ruined her well-crafted public picture as an informal ambassador to the nation. Last year, she hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

However, an Israeli court appealed that Refaeli's relationship with the 45-year-old actor is not considered a "family unit", so she can not claim his U.S. residence and avoid paying taxes in Israel.

At the time the case was opened, it was reported authorities were investigating claims Bar hid the fact she was an Israeli resident and had allegedly failed to report millions of dollars in income and gifts.

The bathing suit model blended discussion when she sidestepped her two years of compulsory Israeli military assistance by wedding a companion of her father's, just to separate from him a brief time later.

Prosecutors refused her promise and charged her by supplying incorrect tax info.

Earlier, an Israeli court had ruled that Refaeli's relationship with DiCaprio did not qualify as a "family unit", and therefore she could not claim his United States residence as her own residence to avoid paying the full taxes she owed. Refaeli's indictment stated she made a $7.2 million between the years 2009-2012 while claiming to live overseas to avoid paying Israeli taxes on her earnings.

Several documents proved that Zipi signed some leases for her daughter under other family members' names to mislead Refaeli's actual residency status.

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