Published: Tue, September 15, 2020

"Conspiracy to defame film industry": Jaya Bachchan slams Ravi Kishan

She said that film Industry employs many people in different areas and some are highest individual tax payers. "We know the problem of drug trafficking and drug addiction is increasing", he had said.

"At a time when the financial situation is in a depressing state and employment rate at the worst levels, in order to divert the attention of people, we are being flogged by social media" and there is no support from the government, she said.

In a reference to Kishan's statement in Lok Sabha on the alleged Bollywood drug cartel, Bachchan said she was "really embarrassed and ashamed".

Her comments have unleashed a tweetstorm of sexism and all-too-familiar misogyny directed against the MP with many calling her a "shameless lady" and appealing to actor and her husband Amitabh Bachchan to reign in his wife. Ravi Kishan said that it is also being used in the film industry.

Mumbai: While a section of netizens are trolling veteran actress Jaya Bachchan for her Rajya Sabha speech alleging that a continuous attempt to defame the film industry is being made, she has found support among several Bollywood celebrities. The industry provides jobs to five lakh people.

"I think the government must stand by the entertainment industry as it always comes forward to help the government in whatever effort it makes". They come and speak for them, they support them.

Kangana, in a sharp rebuttal to Jaya Bachchan's comments remarks, took to Twitter saying would she say the same things if it was her son Abhishek Bachchan or daughter Shweta Bachchan in the actress's (Kangana) place. Today, on day two of the monsoon session, Jaya Bachchan called Kishan's statement a "shame" as he, too, belongs to the industry and added that an act by few celebs can not tarnish the entire industry's image.

"I send my greetings to Jaya ji".

Notably, Ravi Kishan had asked the Government to take strict action against those involved in drug trafficking in Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut retweeted Bachchan's video at the Rajya Sabha, writing the outlook that the poor should be happy with what they get needs to change. "Give them a befitting punishment and bring an end to this conspiracy by neighbouring countries", referring to the current NCB probe in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. "The NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau, probing drug angle in Sushant Rajput's case) has been doing very good work".

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