Published: Tue, September 15, 2020

Firefighters put out another fire following deadly Beirut blast

Firefighters put out another fire following deadly Beirut blast

A man uses a water hose to put out a fire that broke out in a building in Central Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday.

The building, which was designed by British architect Zaha Hadid, was close to completion after years of construction.

On August 4, a fire at a warehouse in Beirut's port caused a massive stash of ammonium nitrate to detonate and send out a powerful shockwave. "We are discovering hotspots of the blaze", a member of the Lebanese civil defence told Sputnik.

A Reuters witness said part of one side of the building was smouldering as firefighters hosed it down. The causes of those fires are unclear.

The Lebanese capital is still reeling from the huge explosion that killed nearly 200 people and injured more than 6,000 on August 4.

Another large blaze broke out amid the ruins at the city's port last just week, scaring the residents once again.

Judicial investigator into the case Judge Fadi Sawwan has so far arrested 25 low to mid-ranking officials for their role in the explosion, which is widely viewed as a symbol of the ruling elite's corruption and incompetence.

On Tuesday, local social media users speculated the cause of the new fire could also be welding.

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