Published: Tue, September 15, 2020

Statement released addressing Alesha Dixon's Britain's Got Talent 'quit threats'

Statement released addressing Alesha Dixon's Britain's Got Talent 'quit threats'

However, the corporation made a dramatic U-turn following a heated debate and widespread anger over the decision.

Dixon commented 'they can kiss my black a**' under an Instagram post from a disgruntled social media user, who said: 'We the Great British Public will only support you if you entertain us and do not say anything about racism'.

While many praised the performance for being moving and thought provoking, others voiced their displeasure via Ofcom, with thousands complaining about the routine, which some viewed as "too political".

Banjo recently thanked fans and fellow artists for their support amid the backlash from a small minority.

Banjo lasted in his Instagram movie:"Moving onto negativity, it has been a whole lot, what from racial abuse to risks, to merely some really frightful things that I am not going to deliver light into".

But Banjo explained that it was meant to be "a round-up of an extraordinary year", and to "summarise the insane rollercoaster of emotions" in 2020.

"We are all about being positive and loving, from which we got so much positivity and love".

"Racism is very real", he added. "I knew it before and I definitely know it now". Protests and riots culminated in the idea of unity and hope.

'It was something we wanted to bring to the stage to give people hope but also not shy away from hard issues.

"Racism is real, and as far as we're concerned, has to change and will not be tolerated, because Black lives matter", Banjo said. "Black lives mattered long before it was anything political or affiliated with any one set of people".

'What hasn't really been highlighted is the fact that we were inundated with overwhelming positive response, hundreds of thousands of them.

The team all took on the knee prior to the tune Black Lives Issue by Dax started, which includes the lyrics:"I cannot breathe", the very last words given by Mr Floyd.

Banjo is serving as a temporary judge on the show after creator and host Simon Cowell broke his back in an electric bike accident.

"It is is extraordinary and I think the number of negative complaints means that this conversation is right and fundamental and should continue to happen", she told Piers and Susanna on Good Morning Britain.

"We stand by him and that performance 100 per cent".

'Ashley is doing a phenomenal job on BGT.

Following this, reports claimed that Alesha had threatened to quit her role on the talent show, if ITV issued an apology over the performance in response to the record number of Ofcom complaints.

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