Published: Tue, September 15, 2020

‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Trailer: ‘Wherever I Go, He Goes’

‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Trailer: ‘Wherever I Go, He Goes’

Banks is featured very briefly in the trailer.

This is the watch the trailer for season two of "The Mandalorian".

The Mandalorian (Pascal) travels across the galaxy with The Child - also referred to a Baby Yoda by fans - in search of the infant's home. Keep reading to see our recommendations for the best shows like The Mandalorian - you can easily watch through one or more of them before Din Djarin, Baby Yoda, and company return on October 30.

‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Trailer: ‘Wherever I Go, He Goes’

"The songs of eons past tell of battles between Mandalore the Great and an order of sorcerers called Jedi", says the Mandalorian clan leader, the Armorer, strongly suggesting that Baby Yoda belongs with their former foes.

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Banks had a role in the Star Wars series, but no further details were known at the time.

Season 2 doesn't come without its hiccups, though. It breaks my heart that Cara Dune is now tainted with Carano's bad takes on Twitter, but I'm here to support Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau (the love of my life). Other directors include Dave Filoni, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famuyiwa, Carl Weathers, Peyton Reed, and Robert Rodriguez.

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