Published: Tue, September 15, 2020
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UK Reserves Up To 190 million Doses Of Potential Coronavirus Vaccines

UK Reserves Up To 190 million Doses Of Potential Coronavirus Vaccines

Sources told Reuters that enrollment of new patients and other trial procedures for the pivotal U.S. trial were being rescheduled until at least midweek and that it was not clear how long it would take for the FDA to complete its probe.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom trial of a leading coronavirus vaccine, which was abruptly halted last week because of safety concerns, restarted on Saturday after the university conducting the trial said an independent committee found that it was safe to do so.

Together, they've pledged to develop a coronavirus vaccine with aims to manufacture one billion doses - half of which is promised to India. In August, the companies announced positive results for the Phase 1 trial of their second Covid-19 vaccine candidate called BNT162b2 or B2, revealing that the latest vaccine candidate has fewer side effects than their first.

South Korea will purchase 20 million doses of vaccines from the COVAX scheme, available for 10 million people, and 40 million doses from private drug makers, the health authorities said in a statement.

Al-Kaabi said that the vaccine will be provided to individuals working on the first line of defence as this group interacts with those infected.

The new trials of the vaccines will see volunteers receive aerosolised vaccines through a nebulizer, delivering the vaccine as airborne droplets through a mouthpiece.

A viable vaccine to the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 illness won't be available to immunize the general public until the end of 2024, said the chief executive of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer in an exclusive interview with the Financial Times.

The Spanish study is part of mid-stage, or Phase II, trials of the vaccine that are being carried out in three countries, also including the Netherlands and Germany.

Pauses in drug trials are commonplace but the temporary hold led to a sharp fall in AstraZeneca's share price following the announcement Tuesday.

Previous studies suggest that lower doses might be required than in intramuscular injections to give protection, the Imperial researchers said.

On Monday, it said it had enrolled more than 29,000 volunteers. The World Health Organization (WHO) had flagged AstraZeneca's as the most promising.

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