Published: Tue, September 15, 2020
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YouTube is launching a short-form video format to compete with TikTok

YouTube is launching a short-form video format to compete with TikTok

YouTube today introduced a new feature called 'YouTube Shorts,' and as the name itself suggests, it is a direct rival to TikTok in India.

With the competitive landscape changing significantly, more companies are trying to win users with short videos. Sound familiar? Yes, we have yet another TikTok competitor, this time from Google, after Instagram expanded Reels from the USA to India as well.

Google announced on Monday that it will launch a new service that enables users to utilize their smartphones to shoot, edit and post videos of up to 15 seconds on YouTube, its video-sharing website.

In its announcement, Google explained that this includes a new camera and a handful of editing tools that will be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks. India banned TikTok as well as dozens of other apps owned by China-based firms in June, citing national security concerns. Beyond the ability to choose music, users will be able to string multiple video clips together, control the speed of clips, and use a timer and countdown for hands-free recording.

Shorts will get a beta release in India this week for testing. Shorts will be initially available within the regular YouTube app on Android, but the company says it will also be available on iOS soon.

Google isn't the only company taking on TikTok while it struggles to fight being shutdown in the United States. In August, Facebook also added "Reels" to Instagram, its photo and video sharing app.

Snapchat last month also launched a new feature that allows users to overlay recorded videos with popular songs, similar to how TikTok operates.

YouTube's entry into the short-form video service space coincides with TikTok's ban in one of its biggest market, India, following the country's escalating tensions with China. In an official blog post, YouTube Vice President Chris Jaffe stressed that the first post to YouTube was an 18-second video, and said "user-generated short videos were born on YouTube".

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