Published: Wed, September 16, 2020

Gary Lineker takes pay cut saying ‘BBC recognise that I tweet carefully’

Gary Lineker takes pay cut saying ‘BBC recognise that I tweet carefully’

Former England soccer player Lineker has attracted scrutiny from the broadcaster's critics for both his high pay package and his outspoken political views on social media that often criticised the government.

A list of top earning BBC stars has been released by the corporation as it faces criticism for offering pay rises despite a wave of redundancies earlier this year.

The annual report, which covers April 2019 to March 2020, reveals that during this period, over 90 percent of the United Kingdom population used the BBC each week. This is good progress, but the BBC can take nothing for granted and must keep reforming at an urgent pace, the organization says. "In addition to his 14-year role as director of BBC Northern Ireland, Peter is also required to lead on a number of pan-BBC initiatives and projects", the spokesperson said.

The BBC is the most-used media organization in the United Kingdom with an average 41 million people per day interacting with its services in the previous year.

Payments that BBC stars receive from independent production companies are not revealed in the annual report.

The newly published list features some pay rises and more women in the top 10.

Match Of The Day's Alan Shearer is on the same figure.

The BBC is now leaner and more efficient with around £199 million of annual savings delivered in 2019-20.

However the BBC is facing increasing competition from subscription services, with 13m households in the United Kingdom paying for Netflix for example. It received 16.2 million requests in its first eight days - the biggest drama launch on BBC iPlayer ever.

91% of adults and 81% of children use BBC radio, TV or online every week, making it by far the most-used media organisation in the UK.

GARY LINEKER HAS taken a pay cut and signed a new five-year contract with the BBC.

"Zoe is absolutely a broadcaster at the top of her game".

BBC Chairman David Clementi commented: "This annual report tells the story of a BBC that remains of huge value at home and overseas, but is not without considerable challenges".

The BBC remains the most used media organization in the United Kingdom, with 41 million people per day on average using it past year.

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