Published: Wed, September 16, 2020
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OPPO launches ColorOS 11 to bring it inline with Android version numbering

OPPO launches ColorOS 11 to bring it inline with Android version numbering

Since 2013, Oppo has been providing its Android-based mobile operating system ColorOS for its own devices. As well as choosing the colour, there will be the option to choose from a set of pattern tools which you can then draw with on-screen to create your new custom animated AOD.

Aspects like the navigation gestures, the latest iteration of dark mode and new privacy options all sit on a foundation of Android 11's interpretation.

One of the features of ColorOS 11 is the enhanced Oppo Relax 2.0.

Another new feature of Flexdrop provides a simple and intuitive solution for multi-tasking.

The goal of Colorros 11 is to offer an unparalleled level of UI compatibility so that users' imaginations can be surpassed and their experience can be personalized. For those unaware, the last version of ColorOS 7.2 was the last version of the ColorOS and OPPO is directly releasing ColorOS 11 to keep the version in sync with the Android version.

With ColorOS 11 OPPO have increased the number of UI customisations possible allowing users to use their imagination to personalise the phone how they want it. In addition, you can switch between smart home devices via a new Device Control menu without downloading new apps. Oppo is one of the first brands to get the update.

- It also includes Oppo Relax 2.0 that lets users create their own white noise mix while also offering an extensive and immersive collection of sounds from cities around the world. A good way to create what you wish to hear while you relax. A simple three finger swipe will capture the image on the display and the text on it will be automatically translated by Google Lens/Google Translate. But the new ColorOS 11 will let them modify the color, form and layout of the display template along with those.

In fact, you can even reduce the size of the app to a smaller mini-window. All the aforementioned features are incorporated on ColorOS 11 as well.

ColorOS 11 comes with OPPO's proprietary lag-reducing algorithm with Quantum Animation that boosts enhanced RAM utilization by 45%, improving the response rate by 32% and the frame rate by 17%.

OPPO has announced to launch the ColorOS 11 globally on September 14 at 9 AM GMT. Users can watch video and text at the same time, which is particularly useful for gamers. This is done by intelligently pausing charging once at 80% at night, before resuming to achieve a full charge by the time the user wakes up.

There is a new feature called Private System.

Those who are keeping count may notice that the latest revision of Oppo's platform has skipped a few digits but much like Huawei did when moving EMUI 5 to EMUI 8, this is to bring the UX's numbering in line with the version of Android it runs upon, so as to minimise confusion.

Private System creates a separate system where a second version of apps and data run independent of the original, and is accessible only via a separate fingerprint scan or password.

As you all know, OPPO uses its own custom user-interface popularly known as ColorOS.

A new shortcut for App Lock allows users to lock apps via password, fingerprint or face authentication.

The public beta for the Find X2 lineup is available today, with plans to add more devices by the end of the month. The rollout will begin with the Find X2 Series and Reno 3 series, and will then expand to over twenty-eight other phone models, including devices from series like Find, Reno, F, K, and A.

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