Published: Fri, September 18, 2020
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Moderna targets November to know coronavirus vaccine's effectiveness

Moderna targets November to know coronavirus vaccine's effectiveness

"As a result, the company is making the full protocol for its self-funded Covid-19 vaccine pivotal study available to reinforce Pfizer's longstanding commitment to scientific and regulatory rigor that benefits patients". Trump has said one could initially be available by the November 3 election, while the CDC director said vaccines were likely to reach the general public around mid-2021, an assessment more in line with most experts. It will all depend on the approval of the Regulatory Authority.

Russian Federation was the first country to register a vaccine against the coronavirus which has caused global devastation since the beginning of the year.

The shares gained 2% to $70.20 in pre-market trading in NY. "If you wait for more definitive efficacy results in adults, it puts you a year behind in kids".

Drugmaker Moderna will probably know by November whether its vaccine is effective against the coronavirus, describing its human trial in detail Thursday to gain public trust while the White House defended its speedy timeline for inoculating the country.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Oxford, in England, which are developing a Covid-19 vaccine in partnership with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said they had put off initial plans to conduct a trial of their vaccine in children in the United Kingdom this fall. It has tied up with Dr. Reddy Laboratories for the production of this vaccine in India. The final analysis will occur after 151 cases, according to slides from the investor meeting.

But the company enjoys the confidence and backing of the U.S. government which has pumped in more than a billion dollars to help the company accelerate the vaccine development, and pre-booked hundreds of millions of doses, when it becomes available.

Most vaccines in development will require two doses per person. There has been scepticism in some quarters about limited data related to the efficacy of the vaccine. It is "technically possible" for Moderna to get results in October, but this is unlikely, he said. These studies traditionally compare the vaccine to a placebo in thousands of people to determine whether it works in preventing disease, and to further assess its safety profile.

The decision by Moderna, which has received $2.5 billion in U.S. government money, left a spotlight on Pfizer, whose CEO has repeatedly said the company will have its results by the end of October, which is in line with Trump's wishes. At the same time, Dmitrev said of the questions raised about the Russian vaccine that it is just propaganda from Western countries.

Unlike an AstraZeneca Plc trial that has been put on hold twice to investigate possible neurological adverse events, Moderna's trial hasn't had any pauses to probe potential safety problems, Bancel said.

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