Published: Sat, October 17, 2020
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Pope considers hunger as a disgrace to humanity

Pope considers hunger as a disgrace to humanity

"With the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on global agricultural and food markets are becoming increasingly apparent", said the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Costa Rica is one of the countries with the healthiest foods.

The FAO has called on governments to recognize the importance of ensuring that trade, whether domestic or worldwide, remains open and frictionless, is free from restrictions and meets food capacities in terms of volume and fulfilling nutritional gaps, it said. "More than half of the world's hungry people live in countries affected by conflict, where hunger is increasingly used as a weapon of war, with indiscriminate attacks on croplands, water structures, and food and livestock storage, which violate global humanitarian law". He said reforms are being done continuously in India which shows its commitment towards Global Food security. Sustainable ocean-based systems are one of the most environmentally sound ways to feed people and improve the well-being of hundreds of millions of people globally. These systems must be managed sustainably, equitably and promote principles of resiliency in their design and implementation. He said this will encourage intake of nutritious food, increase their availability further and benefit small farmers a lot.

It was established by member countries of FAO at the General Meeting of the Organization Number 20, in November 1979.

The prime minister said the girls' gross enrolment ratio in education has turned higher than that of boys for the first time in the country because of several efforts taken by the government in the last six years.

Since then it has been convened each year in more than 150 countries, raising awareness of the problems behind poverty and hunger. Celebrated around the world, World Food Day honours commitment to defeating hunger.

"We have been working to ensure food security for all".

Also speaking, the Executive Secretary, Civil Society- Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN), Beatrice Eluaka, said food systems were still out of balance, despite the significant progress recorded in improving agricultural productivity and ensuring nutrition security.

The world is in constant motion.

To address hunger's disproportionate impact on young children, the letter also calls attention to "the deep, and increasing, need for nutrition funding".

Today we face serious challenges, which require global efforts.

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