Published: Sat, October 17, 2020
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Xbox Series X/S second chance preorders coming on October 19

Xbox Series X/S second chance preorders coming on October 19

The Digital-Only Xbox Series S will be available for $499 AUD, while the standard, more powerful Xbox Series X console will be available for $749 AUD.

With its November 10th release date, Destiny 2's new Beyond Light expansion is releasing just in time for the launch of Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles.

Destiny 2 will be backwards compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series X when the consoles launc next month, but the fully next-gen version of the game won't land until December 8.

These were the details of the news Bungie revealed details of Destiny 2 for the new generation -. for this day.

Bungie also confirmed cross-generational gameplay and progress, and free transitions for anyone who has the game in the current generation.

Were you one of the lucky few to lock in a preorder for an Xbox Series X or Series S?

While the wait may be a little disappointing, it will be worth it when the next-gen consoles get an FOV slider, mimicking the same range the PC version of the game has. It's the same story with Xbox Series S, except it's 1080p, not 4K.

Faster loading times will affect booting up the game, as well as inspecting your character's inventory.

"While things like faster load times and cross-generation play will be available on November 10th, we're taking some more time on the following enhancements to ensure a smooth experience when playing Destiny 2 on your new devices", the studio said.

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