Published: Sun, October 18, 2020

Hwasong-15: The Real North Korea ICBM Threat?

Hwasong-15: The Real North Korea ICBM Threat?

A country in serious economic crisis is still threatening with its nuclear program.

Pompeo made the remarks during a virtual press briefing when asked about a new intercontinental ballistic missile unveiled by North Korea in its recent military parade.

O'Brien said he did not want to speculate on what would happen if the North resumed its weapons testing, only saying the USA appreciates the fact that there have been no such tests for more than two years.

Some 28,500 American troops are deployed in South Korea, in what is seen as a deterrent to Pyongyang that also sends a message to China about US influence and capability in Asia. That held true for the year before that as well.

North Korea's Strategic Force began to gain the attention of South Korean authorities in 2014. "The fact is that we wasted a lot of time with Trump's failed diplomacy with North Korea", Bolton said.

Kim's call for autarchy comes a few months before a party congress, a rare event, which should decide the new five-year plan, and is indicative of the difficulties the North Korean regime faces. It also opens the door to multiple warheads, with which North Korea could try to overwhelm USA missile-defense systems.

"But the North Koreans did not test any ballistic missiles a year ago, nor the previous ones", he added.

Though the ICBM is technically road mobile, it is not as versatile as it may seem.

South Korea's national security advisor Suh Hoon is also in Washington this week for previously unannounced meetings with his US counterpart as well as Pompeo, South Korea's presidential Blue House said in Seoul on Thursday.

The missile is carried by a transporter erector launcher with 22 wheels.

There is potentially a more survivable, albeit significantly riskier, deployment option for the missiles that North Korea might be considering - horizontal fueling with a rollout-to-launch model.

Once erected, fueling the missile could take hours.

What concrete goals can North Korea accomplish with, say, a 2,000 kg payload, that it can't accomplish with the Hwasong-15's 1,000 kg payload?

"If even one of these things gets through, that is a really spectacularly bad day for the United States, and I think that's the level at which deterrence is operating", Lewis said.

Trump, who is seeking to win a second presidential term in the due date on November 3, boasts that he avoided an all-out war after tension was most intense with Boeing Yang over its missile and nuclear tests.

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