Published: Sun, October 18, 2020
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NASA, Nokia Partner For 4G LTE Communication On The Moon

NASA, Nokia Partner For 4G LTE Communication On The Moon

But $14.1 million is a small part of the $370 million funding by NASA.

This isn't Nokia's first attempt to carry LTE to the Moon.

Enter21stNokia has given a contract to Nokia to determine 4G community on the moon. Earlier, the company has shown interest in bringing high-speed cellular connectivity to the moon, but now NASA has given $ 14.1 million to Nokia for this work. Companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance get the major share of $53.2 million and $86.2 million respectively.

NASA has recently roped in the Finnish telecom company and extended a $14.1 million fund for them to build a 4G network on the moon.

Jim Bridenstine, Nasa administrator, added the space agency aims to have astronauts working at a lunar base by 2028.

"The system could support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increased speeds and provide more reliability than current standards", NASA noted in its contract award announcement.

This all sounds so fascinating that it makes it hard to comprehend that this is no longer a fantasy and we may actually get a 5G or 6G on the moon one day too and that we may actually inhabit the surface of the moon someday as we live on earth!

"We want to build the [lunar] infrastructure.that is going to enable an worldwide partnership for the biggest, broadest, most diverse inclusive coalition of researchers and explorers in the history of humankind", Bridenstine added.

"We are excited to have been named by NASA as a key partner to advance "Tipping Point" technologies for the moon, to help pave the way towards sustainable human presence on the lunar surface.Our pioneering innovations will be used to build and deploy the first wireless network on the moon, starting with 4G/LTE technologies and evolving to 5G", said Bell Labs in a series of tweets. In addition, this could also help the agency to communicate with the spacecraft. Unfortunately, previous plans to test the technology on the moon never came to be, as the launch set for 2019 never happened, and one of the companies working with Nokia filed for bankruptcy protection shortly after.

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