Published: Sun, October 18, 2020

Nooo! Lana Del Rey threatens to leave LA on new single

Nooo! Lana Del Rey threatens to leave LA on new single

Del Rey announced that a follow-up for Norman Fucking Rockwell! was in the works late past year, not too long after releasing the Grammy nominated LP. Lana revealed that she will either be releasing the album at the end of this year, or beginning of next year. At least that's what she says in her new single, "Let Me Love You Like a Woman", which was released on Friday, October 16 at midnight.

"It's me, your little Venice bitch", she sang sweetly in one tune - a proudly T-shirt-able slogan if ever there were one.

"Let me love you like a woman, let me hold you like a baby", Lana croons.

What brought on Del Rey's change of mind?

Last month, the acclaimed singer-songwriter made her debut as an author with her book, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. It is my hope that this song is not representative of the full album when it comes out, and that the rest of the new music expands on the ideas that she has laid the groundwork for. "Let me shine like a diamond, let me be who I'm meant to be".

In a similar vein to Norman Fucking Rockwell! single "hope is a risky thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it", this is a track that needs little more than a piano and Del Rey's vintage vocal to be absolutely stunning. Produced by Jack Antonoff, the stripped-back ballad finds the singer/songwriter leaning into Americana.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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