Published: Sun, October 18, 2020

Stevie Nicks says Botox made her look like ‘Satan’s angry daughter’

Stevie Nicks says Botox made her look like ‘Satan’s angry daughter’

In the video, Nicks laces up some roller skates as she sits on the bench of a piano and sings the iconic Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams". That exact same season, Fleetwood Mac published their album Tusk.

Stevie (née Stephanie) added, "If Christine [McVie] was just in this room with me, she would tell you that we both made the decision not to have kids and instead follow our musical muse around the world".

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In a new interview with the Guardian, the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman shared her thoughts about her past (and, in our opinion, to this day) as a renowned beauty and what it's like to age as a woman in the public eye.

Despite the problems its exacerbated, cocaine rarely kept the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer from participating in her own life.

During the interview, she opened up about her "generation's fight" for abortion rights, as well as her own experience. "If President Trump wins this election and puts the judge he wants in, she [Amy Coney Barrett] will absolutely outlaw it and push women back into back-alley abortions".

Nicks explained that she believed her sacrifice was wholly important.

The singer joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974 with her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. During this time, the band's fame was at its height.

Nicks says it was the years where she was addicted to the prescription tranquilizer Klonopin are the ones that were truly wasted.

We wonder just how many girls would have left the exact same selection but could not. "And there were a lot of drugs, I was doing a lot of drugs … I would have had to walk away".

"And I understood that the songs we were planning to bring about the entire world was about to cure so many people's hearts and make people happy. So you think: 'Well, I need it every two hours.' It's addiction in a bottle". "There's not another band in the world that has two lead women singers, two lead women writers. That was my world's mission".

Although Roe v. Wade guaranteed citizens the right to an abortion, the topic has remained a hot button issue for years. "I go, like, well, if this starts over and there's another four years of this, then I'm going - but we're not welcome anywhere". "I don't have any agenda".

Barrett's nomination will be voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 22, and later by the full Senate.

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