Published: Sun, October 18, 2020

Traffic flows between England and Wales on first day of travel ban

Traffic flows between England and Wales on first day of travel ban

Because that would be fair to people in Wales and people across the border.

However hard it may be to enforce, the sad truth is that these measures are beginning to look necessary once more; at a press conference earlier today, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford revealed that the nation's caseload has reached 100 per 100,000 people. These rules are created to prevent the spread of infection within Wales and to other areas of the UK.

The Welsh Government's plans will bring people elsewhere in the United Kingdom in line with measures now in place in the 17 areas of Wales under local lockdown restrictions.

The Welsh Government has introduced rules meaning people from high-risk coronavirus hotspots will be banned from entering the areas where there is a low incidence of Covid-19.

Drakeford earlier said he was "baffled" by Johnson's reluctance to impose travel restrictions on people in COVID-19 hotspots across the UK.

"It is vital we do all we can to keep communities, which have low levels of infection as safe as possible, and this sensible and necessary restriction will help prevent the virus moving from more urban, highly populated areas to more sparsely populated areas". The Prime Minister's spokesperson argued: "There are no physical borders between Wales and England".

"We've already heard from the First Minister of Scotland and she's eager to support what we're trying to do here".

Today Mr Drakeford said none of the areas would be taken out of local lockdown as the trend across Wales was "worsening".

The chief executive of the Welsh NHS, Dr Andrew Goodall, said he would also "welcome any actions that help us have a control of the levels of community transmission" when asked if he was in favour of the travel ban.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hit out at the Welsh plans.

"We now need a clear timetable for exactly when the draft legislation will be ready to publish, the proposed timescales and plans for implementation and how this is to be communicated across the UK", Mr Price said.

"However we are now at a time where we will robustly enforce the regulations where there are blatant breaches, we will not allow the selfish minority to risk the health of the vast majority who have sacrificed so much over the last few months".

"The number of coronavirus cases across Wales is growing and our health service is coming under pressure as more people fall ill", he said.

"They ought to sit down with everybody, look at it seriously and then make a proper decision", he said.

"If he can not or will not, then he must review and rescind this ban immediately".

Mr Drakeford said at a press conference today: 'Here in the Welsh Government, we are looking very carefully at introducing a time-limited firebreak, also known as a circuit-breaker, of the type recommended by Sage, the UK's expert scientific advisory group, and by our own advisers here in Wales.

He explained: "We have other measures in place already, which may be helping us to begin to turn the tide". But so far I've had no success in persuading him of this simple and straightforward course of action.

The new travel restrictions are expected to affect tourists from England's tier two and tier three areas as well as Scotland's central belt and Northern Ireland.

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