Published: Sun, October 18, 2020

Victoria records 10 new coronavirus cases and seven further COVID-19 deaths

Victoria records 10 new coronavirus cases and seven further COVID-19 deaths

Five million residents in Melbourne, Australia, emerged from a long lockdown on Monday, with stringent restrictions loosening after almost two months as the state continues to see a drop in coronavirus cases.

Melbourne's rolling average is now 18.2, down from 20.3.

That allowed Victoria state Premier Daniel Andrews to confirm the curfew will be lifted from 5am Monday, though residents still can not travel more than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) from home.

The most populous state of New South Wales reported on Monday its second consecutive day without a virus case in more than three months, as did the northeastern state of Queensland. "It's a remarkable thing - and an achievement that belongs to every single Victorian".

More than 1 million people in Victoria have been receiving wage subsidies from the federal government after large swathes of the state were ordered to shut in August to slow the spread of the virus.

Five million residents in Australia's second biggest city emerged from an nearly two-month overnight curfew on Monday as just five new coronavirus cases were recorded in worst-hit Victoria state.

Visits to hospitals and aged care facilities can resume with strict conditions but visits to homes will remain banned and outdoor gatherings limited to five people from two households. Police say at least 88 people were arrested. "We are driving it down".

The southeastern state reported just five new cases and three deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, after daily cases topped 700 in early August.

But he also warned that "none of these changes though are a sign we can take our foot off the pedal", and emphasized that Melbourne residents should continue to wear face coverings.

Andrews said there are 399 active cases in Victoria, the first time that number has fallen below 400 since June 30.

On Monday, a Victoria state judge was scheduled to begin hearing a case challenging the validity of lockdown measures-specifically the now-scrapped curfew-reportedly brought by a cafe owner frustrated by plummeting revenues.

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